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Amsterdam apartmentsWhether you have chosen a fully furnished or unfurnished apartment in Amsterdam, you are bound to fulfill certain responsibilities as a tenant. Usually, non-compliance will lead to eviction from the temporary home you are renting or might lead to termination of rental agreement.

To make the most out of your stay in Amsterdam and to get your money’s worth in renting a house in the place, you are bound to fulfill certain responsibilities as a tenant. The landlord is supposed to infuse major repairs and consistent maintenance services to ensure your comfort while you are also bound to adhere to city regulations on plastic recycling, garbage collection and other tasks.

Garbage collection or refuse collection in the Netherlands earns a lot of attention. Residents of an apartment Amsterdam need to segregate textiles, glass, papers and other kinds of rubbish in the house. The municipality provides a lot of importance to recycling and reusing of trash to address problems with chemical and bulky refuse. As long as you want your rubbish to be collected easily, you have to adhere to standards of the city. For instance, some urban districts follow color-coded plastics when collecting on a regular basis. Some districts require grey plastic bags while others ask you to put your trash on green containers.

In the center district, bulky refuse can be initialized through free collection registration. Tenants can call 020-5519555 to request for free refuse collection. Ordinary rubbish is collected twice every week on especially designated days at 07:30 and 15:30. Those waste collected from demolition works and construction activities should be placed in a Big Bag which can be bought at any DIY store. The chemokar or chemical collection trucks take charge of minor chemical trashes which are taken by collectors during Thursdays. If you are located within Jodenbreestraat can be taken during Saturdays.

Tenants of apartments Amsterdam located in the Nieuw West District should know that bulk refuse in this area is collected only once a week. The bundles should be at a maximum measurement of 40cm wide and 1 meter long. The kiko wheely bin is also popular in this area and contents of this bin can be taken by collectors at 07:30 during the scheduled date of collection. In this district, the green bin is set for garden and organic wastes while the grey bin is allotted for general trash. These are collected alternately on a weekly basis. There are also specific collection points for bread. Stale bread is to be deposited in containers because these are processed to produce plant food. This system is set so that bread can be prevented to be thrown along the edge of waters to avoid attracting rats.

The Oost District of Amsterdam requires those living in the neighborhood to put their wastes in designated containers while those in houseboats are advised to place their garbage in wheely bins. Some residents are required to have large metal bins which are collected every week.

Underground storage of trash should be practiced by the residents of apartments in Amsterdam who are located in the Zuid District. Grey or dark green containers should be stored underground for collection on scheduled days. Bulky refuse should be put on the pavement at 19:00 every night and at 07:30 in the morning. Regarding recyclables, the residents of this district has initiated the plastic recycling programme. Grey and green containers should contain paper and glass deposits.

Finally, those living within Zuidoost District in the city should bring out their trash at 07:30 before the set day of collection. If you already have too much garbage to store, you can bring the containers to Meerkerdreef 31 or you can just wait for the allotted collection day.

Garbage maintenance and collection is a daunting task just anywhere in the world. Living in Amsterdam and complying with city garbage ordinance and policies will help in maintaining the beauty that the city has been naturally endowed.