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Den Bosch is another name used to refer to Hertogenbosh, which is a town situated at the south part of Netherlands.  The city holds a population of 140,000. Den Bosch got different regions summing up to 9 regions.  There is the centre region consisting of the inside area of the town’s walls. In many cases, this is the area where visitors who come to the city can be found. There is the north region which is the area between A59 and the centre region. Thirdly we have Maaspoort region which is surrounding on the north of A59. This is the area mostly with residential and some industries.. There is region named Hintham where mostly footballer funs are found. This area has a football stadium where FC Den Bosch play and practice.  There is the Southern region that got apartments and most of the offices buildings can be found. Another part of the region is the West region, which, got industries in it and apartments or residential.   In the Engelen region, which is the seventh region, there is the village of Engelen which is developing.  Rosmalen is another region that is a city to the east of the A2. Finally, there is another small village to the north found in Empel region.

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Den Bosch is known to be having high living standards, and for this reason, staffs of apartments are paid well to meet the high living standards. By paying the staffs well, the staffs are motivated to their services well and heartfelt. In other words, most of this staffs have devoted their energy in their work thus giving well, and organized services that make the clients in the apartment feel appreciated.

Den Bosch apartment got a lovely neighborhood that is full of natural. There are parks that provide a client with space to bond with the family or a friend as they relax from their busy schedule. There are hotels where one would have a cup of coffee with a friend or a bottle of beer as they catch up with friends.