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Houses Amsterdam

Between myth and reality, Amsterdam is the home of many great names in history, and one city that cannot be excluded on your list of ”Places to go in Europe”.

Amsterdam, capital of Holland, leaves room for a lot of popular beliefs. For me it was a great city that welcomed me not like a tourist but like a member of they’re society.

If you’re a parent you might think I’m another junkie went to my wonderland, and if you’re a young teenager that doesn’t know much about the city will think that I struck gold and I’m the luckiest person alive.

I’m neither. I’m a regular person who went there to explore, to see what is with all the fuss about Amsterdam and it’s Red Light District. Little did I know about the adventure that was expecting me.

Amsterdam for me was more than just a coffee shop with a waiter that asked you if you want weed with your coffee. No, it was a city with a lot of discrepancies. People were really nice and made room to lend you a hand if you needed any information or directions to anywhere. Most of them knew English and communicating wasn’t a challenge like in other nationalized countries where there was no room in they’re vocabulary for other foreign languages.

I soon realized that most people strolling down the crowded streets are tourists that came here like me to see with they’re own eyes that the rumors are true about Amsterdam or just in search for a place to work. I found out later that this was the home of many cultural minorities that were banished from they’re houses and countries over the centuries.

The thing that I for one thought rather confusing was that the city was divided in districts and beside the Red Light one the other parts of the town were rather normal, like the famous Las Vegas in the middle of the desert, the desert in this case was populated by ordinary people minding they’re own business.

The city in general has a vintage sent with houses preserved in time from centuries that passed. I loved to walk up and down the streets with Amstel river in one side and houses  three or four stories high pasted together forming a maze that points you to a landmark or something of significance for the city.

Amsterdam houses some great personalities of the present and past like Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Spinoza, and many others. Also it’s the city where Tiesto started from.

For me this was a really great adventure and didn’t get bored. Everyday I had to visit something, learn something new or just pass the time upwards and downwards the crowded streets just to be more a part of this wonderful culture and town.

Now when I’m writing about my experience a new thought of moving  in Amsterdam popped up my mind. I might love it more here as a citizen and maybe in time buy a house and live between the Dutch, breathing air sent down by Odin and hearing Thor’s hammer striking the clouds with all it’s power.