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Rooms Utrecht

Utrecht –city where the new and the old blend together in complete harmony, is one of the most important cities in Netherland and a place worth making room in your vacation plan to visit.

In our journey around Europe we stumbled upon the beautiful lands of the Dutch. With a quick search on the attractions of this country we saw that the capital is Utrecht.

This year we thought of going to the not so warm and sandy beaches of Italy, Spain or France and instead trying something new and focusing on the North-Western Europe where summer temperatures aren’t so high up the thermometer.

So, me and my buddies after a week of research on how to fill up the time we will be spending in this beautiful Dutch city grab our backpacks and hopped on a plane and off we went  for our one week journey in the land of Utrecht. We arrived there on Wednesday 25th of July and we went to search for rooms to suit our accommodations. 

I must say that Utrecht wasn’t even near of what we’re expecting. The people here are very different than the ones in the other parts of Europe. They’re much sober and committed to what they’re doing. At first sight Utrecht doesn’t seem very interesting,  but if you’re young and eager to visit foreign countries this is city is a ”must” on the list. The first days we found accommodations in a late 30s house that has been transformed into a bed and breakfast with a gorgeous view on the canals that cross the land of the Dutch in Maliesingel. The rooms were furnished in a vintage style and all the modern technology was stripped out, it was like you were in another era and we really loved it.

You might be asking why didn’t we went to Amsterdam instead but we wanted to explore places and people that don’t make a living out of tourism and see the real side of the Dutch people.  After a few days of admiring the views, breathing the salty air and accommodating to the temperature and time zone we were ready to find out more about the culture of this wonderful city. Our friend Google was really helpful on telling us where to start  and straighten us to the “Domplein”, where we had to climb the famous 465 steps to the highest church  tower in Utrecht where we saw a wonderful view of the city with all it’s inhabitants going up and down the streets. 

The main religion in this par is catholic and we were really amazed of the architecture of the churches and the meaning of religion for these people. We spent a night in a monastery of monks that were really pleased of seeing foreigners visiting they’re monastery. They let us spend the night in a room that is meant for special guests. We weren’t really into the luxury life but that room could easily been a five star suite.

A few days after we found ourselves on the end of our trip and with the thought of coming back here sometime. As I have said before… it’s like going to a new world, a new era, where the new and the old are bonded together in a way that we thought it wasn’t possible.